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School Integration

The Secondary School Integration Programme is a fantastic opportunity for students who wish to take their learning further than a one or two week language course.
Students attend a secondary school alongside local students and follow subjects as part of the school curriculum. Accommodation is in host families located close to the high school and participants can avail of extra language classes if required.
We also combine school integration stays with soccer camps where participants can practice their preferred sport while attending a local school.

Before starting in the school, your son, daughter, or student has the option to attend 10 hours of one-to-one tuition over one week. The lessons are taken in the home of the host family or the teacher. This will boost the students language skills and facilitate their integration into the local way of life and school system.

We offer homestays as an alternative to staying on campus or hostels. A host family is an invaluable source of information and stability in a new place. Your new family will treat you like one of their own – sharing their traditions, explaining their social norms, and helping you develop your language skills. Accommodation is half board on week days (lunch at school) and full board at weekends. We do our very best to place students in families with children of around their own age, but this cannot always be guaranteed for every placement.

Irish students from 14 to 17 years. Age will dictate what type of school is selected for each individual student. This programme is open to students who have studied their chosen language for at least two years.

We offer this programme through-out the academic year from September through to June, and for varying durations from 3 weeks to the full year. Applications are submitted to a board of admission and therefore must be recieved at least three months before the programme commmences.

This programme is available in schools across France, Spain and Germany.

Learning a language may appear difficult when trying to learn by yourself or in a classroom at home, learning a language in a school environment facilitates your ability to learn the language while making the experience memorable and exciting.

There are many other benefits of integrating into a school abroad:

Acquire an indispensable skill in a global world, facilitating your ability to communicate with others and improving your potential for success in your chosen field.

You can explore career opportunities involving a foreign language.

You will develop a greater awareness and deeper understanding of other cultures and a more positive interaction with people from other nations.

Enjoy the satisfaction of achieving a personal goal—learning another language.

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