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We offer homestays for students wishing to go to France, Spain or Germany. A homestay experience is the ideal cultural experience that allows students to fully immerse themselves in another culture.

If the host family does not speak English, the living situation demands total immersion in the language, which greatly improves the speed of language acquisition. There are a number of reasons why staying at a homestay can be preferable to staying in a hotel or hostel.

Homestays are available and useful for students of any age, from 12 to 18. Homestays are probably most helpful for students wishing to go to France, Spain or Germany for the first time and interested in having a safe, family environment in which to: practice their language and get used to life in a different country; learn about another family life and values; interact with people of different ages; and share their own culture and interests.

Homestay students must be willing to make an effort to communicate and cooperate with others and accept the rules and preferences of the families with whom they live.

Because of the additional responsibility involved, students seeking a homestay should be mature, stable individuals who are good-natured and flexible. Such students usually have a positive and memorable homestay experience.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions – we’re always happy to answer and questions or concerns you may have.

The benefits of homestays include:

  • Distinctive and Character Full Accommodations — Tired of hostels? There’s no better way to experience the incredible diversity and charm of another culture than at a homestay.
  • Personalised Service — In contrast to a hotel, a homestay usually only has a few rooms. This guarantees that participants receive plenty of individual attention. Many participants and hosts find that they bond with each other so much, that they keep in touch long after the programme is over.
  • Local Knowledge — The wealth of information that the hosts have about their local area makes deciding what to see and do a breeze. Such local knowledge is extremely helpful in getting the most from your visit. Many hosts are delighted to show participants around their local area, providing them with invaluable insights that simply aren’t available from a guide book.
  • Home Cooked Food — There’s a huge difference between the food served in restaurants and hotels, and the food that’s cooked in a home. By staying at a homestay, you’ll be able to taste authentic home cooked food, made to order. It’s a lot lighter, and has more variation and flavour than restaurant food. Some homestays even welcome their guests into their kitchen, and let them watch and participate in the cooking process.
  • Unique Activities — As a guest at a homestay, the focus is on you, and your likes and preferences. The hosts are very accommodating and will put a great deal of effort into arranging activities that are of interest to you.

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